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"Everyone, thanks. This tactic was pushing it a bit, but our squad pulled through together. If a single member in our team didn't do their part, we couldn't have won."


He had ranked low in physical strength and mental resilience and had been placed in a lower class, but he had great talent in manifesting his psychic powers and was placed in class B.


Han mumbled and drank while seated. He endured the sting of the carbonation and emptied the can. The blood splattered around Han's mouth washed down with the drink. The carbonation prickled his neck as he chugged down its contents.


"I don't like to stand out. Everyone in Ark is trying to compete with each other. Anyone who chooses to compete for the top is bound to have rivals trying to step on you. Do you know class A's Simon Dell? He had transferred together with you guys. Everyone refers to him as a genius, but in turn everyone in class A sees him as nothing but a rival. Instead, by following the pace of the crowd, I can get promoted with ease and comfort. The key point is to make sure you're never at the top until the very last moment.


The seventh squad outright hated on the thirteenth squad and purposely spread hateful rumors. People gave them the cold shoulder whenever they passed the thirteenth squad in the military training grounds or cafeteria.


Kijo turned around and went to his room. He could hear him quietly cursing in Korean under his breath. Han pretended not to hear.

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It was difficult to use a flat rock as an airbeat. Airbeats were robot drones that moved with streams of energy. Airbeats would stay afloat even without the aid of telekinesis. On the other hand, flat rock airbeats required a constant stream of telekinesis to remain afloat.


"Now, we will head off to Sinuiju where we will find the remnants of the dimensional gate." Wuxiaworld for visiting.


The engine under the left wing exploded. The plane shook. Kijo's face paled. While he scavenged, he found a steel rod. This was originally stuck on the plane ceiling, used as a handle for moving around without falling. It was half broken and swung back and forth.


The basement ventilator spun. Han confirmed everyone's observation and nodded.


He wasn't one to become competitive, but he was also a man. Han was his friend, but also his rival, and he had lost.


"Check for any damages. If need be, refill his incubator with new solution. I'll backtrack on the data we collected here."


-I see, I thought you were Chinese or Japanese. I'm not too good at differentiating orientals. I'm not sure if we have Korean food. Don't you all eat rice anyway?



Dimitir was shoved forward by his squad members. They quickly went up to start their shooting drills. Han momentarily watched Squad 5 and then went into the gymnasium.



If Han had not been a squad leader, if he were not a soldier who would be sent to war, Han would not say one bitter thing toward Kuro.


Each squad members started warming up their airbeats. The members on top of the airbeats got into position. Squad 7 had prepared an all out intensive surprise attack.


It was not possible to consume fish without fire. However, it was a different story because they did have fire.

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