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Han had finished his rehabilitation the fastest out of everyone. His physical body was the strongest out of everyone here. He had also recorded the fastest reflexes out of everyone.


He made swift decisions. Teleporters commonly attack their opponent's back. The squad members kept each other in their view so that they could block against the skull faced man whenever.


Han understood this aspect the best amongst all the squad leaders of year 2. He resolutely used Kuro and Jose's psychic abilities as support rather than as the main attackers.


The squad's steps stopped at the corridor intersection. Everyone's breath stopped. They stood with their backs to one another and watched across a corridor each.


Many people he had come to know since the first year of Ark were now gone. The higher he climbed up the pyramid, the less room there were for others.


Han stared back toward Inspector Rue. Han didn't let the inspector grasp onto even a straw. He let off an even more stoic aura than usual.

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Squad 13 borrowed the military training ground. These grounds were used when a vast open space was needed like when training one's stamina. Han decided to focus training with Kuro for the time being. He focused on weapon handling and sparring with Kuro.


-We've confirmed that the enemy forces are heading toward the first year defense shelter. The enemy has given up on attacking the second years, and have diverted their attack toward the first years. The only military forces that are able to provide aid to stop the enemy are the second year squads. Do you understand?


Kuro received an electric shock examination from Professor Grace. He had remained prone for a long period of time which made his whole body ache. Kuro lightly stretched his body.


The drill instructors lectured on how to deal with several situations in case of an accident during a fall, then played a video of an accident following the lecture."


'Even without Canute, as long as I can recruit many members in my squad, our battle tactics will become dynamic. It will be good to recruit as many people as I can.'


"They are from True Humanity, an activist group." Inspector Rue, who remained tied up, said.


"Major Kang must have already received the news of my transfer to class B. I'm sure my siblings will be given better treatment.'



In a matter of moments the ninth squad had been reduced down to two members. It would have become disadvantageous for themselves if they were to continue fighting from within the smoke.



He didn't let out a single scream of pain, but Han was suffering from unimaginable pain inside the incubator. The pain was hard to endure.


"This shouldn't be your first time in real battle, but this should be your first official assignment in third year, right?" Private Herald said.


Everyone had charged out running, with only Han left to defend the flag. The sigh had come out automatically.

  • 'That wasn't such a bad feeling. I shouldn't forget my focus and how I enhanced my body.'
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